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SHIR HAYAM is The Elijah Minyan’s sister Jewish renewal group here in San Diego.

To learn about Shir HaYam, please go the the Shir HaYam page on this website.

For further information and schedules, please visit the Shir HaYam website



Our Rabbi Wayne Dosick is the host of the weekly Internet radio program, SPIRITTALK LIVE! on

SPIRITTALK LIVE! is broadcast live on the third Wednesday of each month, at 9:00 am Pacific time, 11:00 am  Central; and Noon, Eastern.
          Every show is archived for later listening.

SPIRITTALK LIVE! is forum for exploring the great questions of existence, for joining in the quest to find meaning and worth in life through intellectual inquiry and sacred spirit. It is a weekly worldwide conversation for rational empiricists and spiritual seekers, for people of all religions and of no religion, of all faiths and of no faith, because “nothing is sacred and everything is sacred.”

         It is a program that is keenly aware of the promise and the power of young people — truly “children of spirit” — who have come to Earth with the vision of guiding and leading our planet in its evolution and transformation toward Oneness — a world of unity, harmony, and perfection.

SPIRITTALK LIVE! features guest interviews with authors, teaches, spiritual guides, and fascinating personalities, discussing a wide variety of current issues and concerns, “call-in” dialogue with listeners. 

To listen: Go to on the Internet.

        Advertising sponsorships, and Angel, Underwriter, Benefactor, and Friends gifting opportunities available. SPIRITTALK LIVE! is a SoulJourney Project of The Elijah Minyan, making all contributions fully tax-deductible.




A Daily Personal Spiritual Practice

        Kabbalah is one of Judaism’s — and the world’s — most powerful spiritual pathways.

        RABBI WAYNE and ELLEN invite you into the wonderful world of Kabbalah to use as your daily spiritual practice — to bring you to God, your soul-knowing, and your heart’s desires.

Other books teach you about Kabbalah.
20 Minute Kabbalah
teaches you
“How-to-Do” Kabbalah.

        In this book, you will discover:

• the basic principles and purposes of the Jewish mystical tradition

• the new Spiral path in the Tree o f Life

• how to "zoom" your way right into God's holy presence

• 14 simple, melodic chants that take you on your SoulJourney

• how to talk to God

• how to ask God about the secrets of the universe and the mysteries of existence

• how to listen as God talks to you

• how to develop and nurture a deep, intimate relationship with God

• how to fulfill the yearnings of your soul and the desires of your hear

• how to find deep soul-satisfaction and inmost happiness

The accompanying CD, angelically sung by CANTOR KATHY ROBBINS teaches
all the chants, and sings with you through the daily spiritual practice.

“Reb Wayne and Ellen are profoundly inspired lovers of God in all of Its forms. 20 Minute Kabbalah, with chants on the accompanying CD, is a gem that offers readers and listeners clear and comprehensive guidance into the magical world of the higher realms. I whole-heartedly recommend this book to all spiritual seekers who are truly ready to open their hearts to be blessed by a God-filled reality.”

Rabbi David A Cooper, author, God is a Verb


“I have been practicing 20 Minute Kabbalah and there is no clearer pathway to God. It awakens the God within me, and fills my inner hunger with true bread. If you practice 20 Minute Kabbalah, it will change your life.”

Fr. James J. O’Leary, S.J., Tertian Spiritual Director


“Thank you so much for energizing my soul in a way I never knew until now. This is the most meaningful and transformative spiritual practice that I have ever experienced.” •• “I am reading your little treasure of a book. Each line is a gem. I do it as guided meditation with the ladies every week in my healing workshop, and you’ve helped us so much. I can’t thank you enough. Each chant is a real inspiration.”


“20 Minute Kabbalah has made a beautiful difference in my life. I use it regularly to rebalance and connect and flow. It’s just been extraordinary — the process and the results! The healing work I am doing now is about as full-time as I can imagine. I don’t think that I could do it all without 20 Minute Kabbalah. I can’t thank you enough.”

The book is available from the “Books” section of this website.

For more information about 20 Minute Kabbalah — the book and the spiritual practice — and to learn about its accompanying Prayerbook, please visit the website:


        Soul Memory Discovery is a spiritual healing modality that enables us to access, identify, and release all those troubling issues that limit our lives, and keep us from the full expressions of our Essences and our Beings.

        Soul Memory Discovery heals the emotional body, and can be helpful in eliminating symptoms of: depression, rage and anger, anxiety and fear, post traumatic stress disorder.

        Soul Memory Discovery resolves the problems of everyday life, including: relationship issues, aloneness and isolation, lack of abundance, hopelessness and despair, feeling lost or stuck

         And Soul Memory Discovery has helped people move through physical symptoms, ailments, and illnesses.


is the World Master Practitioner and Teacher of Soul Memory Discovery.

For more information about Soul Memory Discovery, and about becoming a trained Facilitator of the processes, please visit the website:


        Our children are born as pure Light channels of the Divine. The come to Earth with a vision of perfection for our world. They are magnificent beings, who are the paradigm shifters for this planet.

        Yet, once here on Earth, many are deeply pained by the great dissonance between the perfection they inherently know, and the wildly imperfect world they experience.

        The often seem unhappy and anger, they “act out” their pain, and they are often labeled ADD, ADHD, and ODD, and, then, medicated with drugs.

        They are our Indigo Children.

        Everyone who has tried to help has done so on a rational, cognitive level, but our children’s woundings are on the spiritual, emotional level, and that is where they must be healed.

have written the book,
Empowering Your Indigo Child:
A Handbook for Parents of Children of Spirit.

        It is an introduction to both the awesome magnificence and the deep emotional pain of the Indigo Children and Adult Indigos, and a complete step-by-step guide to the three spiritual processes — including playing the YOUMEES — that bring Indigo-healing and transformation, and affirm the Indigo-soul-vision of a perfect world.

        The book is available from the “Books” section of this website.

        For more information about the Indigo Children — and Adult Indigos — and their healing, and for information about becoming a trained Facilitator of the Indigo Spiritual Healings, please visit the website:

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