Welcome to The Elijah Minyan מנין אליהו

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THE ELIJAH MINYAN is a group of Jewish seekers in Greater San Diego, California, who join  together to enrich and ennoble our Jewish minds and spirits, by  gathering to worship, study, and celebrate Jewish life.

We love the richness,  warmth, and authenticity of  Jewish teachings and  tradition.  At the  same time, we want to enter and shape Judaism’s coming new era of  Spiritual Judaism.

We strive for Jewish renewal and personal growth  through re-emerging Jewish spirituality, and through blending the  richness of the Jewish heritage with the best of the contemporary  culture.

We explore and test new,  informal settings and modes in which to seek God through prayer,  meditation, and celebration;  new formats in which to learn;  new  directions for defining and sharing in community.

Our God-centered worship combines the words and music of traditional davennen with powerful English prayer, joyous chanting, and authentic kabbalistic and contemplative meditation.

Our warm, hemish, supportive atmosphere encourages deep connection to God, to the higher Self, and to a community of friends. 


 We are a "synagogue without walls," meeting in each other's homes:

•  twice each month for Shabbat morning services, and, occasionally for Friday evening services.       
•  once a month for the Jewish Meditation Chavurah.      
•  on weekday evenings for Life-Long Learning      
•  for holiday and festival celebrations.   

Our High Holiday services are held in the auditorium of a local Church, our warm, welcoming, and gracious host.    

We often host the world’s leading Jewish renewal teachers and spiritual  guides for special events. 


We take our name and our mission from the Prophet Elijah who — according to Jewish tradition — will be the one to herald the new  age, and will announce the healing, transformation, and perfection of  the world under the Sovereignty of God.     

And we take our challenge from the words of the first Chief  Rabbi of Israel, Rav Avraham Isaac Kook HaKohen,  who taught:  “The old must be made new, and the new must be made sacred.”

Our founder, teacher, and spiritual guide is Rabbi Wayne Dosick, Ph.D., D.D.  


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